Nepalese Association of Rhode Island - NAofRI

Nepalese Association of Rhode Island (NAofRI) was formed in 2009 as an informal group made up of a few Nepalese people (/Nepalese origin) living in Southern New England area. The common goal and the purpose of this unity were to extend helping hand to each other, share information within the community, and preserve Nepalese culture and heritage. The formation of this organization was a concept of staying connected and bonding together.

Now NAofRI has expanded its horizon from individual connection to identifying itself as a registered Nepali organization in the State of Rhode Island. NAofRI is a platform to get connected and expand the networks among Nepalese of various backgrounds. Its presence is ever needed to fulfill the need of evergrowing Nepalese community

2067 Dasaign Program was the beginning of our communal gathering. It was a very successful program.