About us

Nepalese Association of Rhode Island - NAofRI

Nepalese Association of Rhode Island (NAofRI) was formed in 2009 as an informal group made up of a few Nepalese people (/Nepalese origin) living in Southern New England area. The common interest and the purpose of this unity were to extend helping hand to each other, share information within the community, and preserve Nepalese culture and heritage. The formation of this organization was a concept of staying connected and bonding together.

NAofRI has expanded its horizon from individual connection to identifying itself as a registered Nepalese organization in the State of Rhode Island. NAofRI is a platform to get connected and expand the networks among Nepalese of various backgrounds.

Nepalese Association of Rhode Island is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, education, and/or scientific purpose under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Vision : Community for togetherness

Mission is to create a community where all Nepalese living in Southern New England belong to a circle of trust, progress and cooperation, and to foster and preserve Nepalese identity, culture, traditions, values and heritage.

The specific purposes of the organization include, but not limited to:

  • Establish a platform for all residents, students and migrants in Southern New England of Nepalese origin or affiliation
  • Assist newcomers with community based assistance to integrate with the society
  • Promote and preserve Nepalese identity, culture, traditions, values and heritage
  • Promote friendships with other Nepalese associations, and work together to find friends-of-Nepal in the US
  • Be Liaison between Nepalese in Southern New England and Nepal for academic, professional and cultural advancements
  • Promote educational, social and charitable activities
  • Organize social, cultural and professional activities to foster growth and enhance networking

NAofRI has an elected Board of Directors. Board has Chairperson and a vice chairperson to run board meetings and facilitate to make course of actions. The board is responsible for making policy and procedures of the corporation.

Executive committee is appointed and approved by the Board of directors. Executive committee members are recommended/selected by members.
The Executive committee is responsible for implementing the strategic plans and policies of the corporation and can include officers to perform operational work. There are sub-committees to assist Executive Committee. Executive committee can decide and select the members for sub-committee and also add a committee as needed.