Gorkha Earthquake


Little did anyone know that April 25 was destined to be a Saturday that would go into the books as one of the darkest days in Nepalese history. Around noon on that warm summer day, a 7.8 Richter scale earthquake struck the nation with all its fury. It was a spectacle that people compare to their worst nightmares. Here is how an eyewitness described that minute of horror: 'it felt like we were stuck within a ship in a rough sea'.
Within a matter of minutes, more than 9000 people lost their lives and countless others lost their hopes and dreams. Along with the tragedy of losing its people, Nepal suffered a simultaneous blow when she witnessed a loss of numerous cultural sites, which were threads of her cultural fabric.
Nature choose the weakest! However during and after this crisis, the camaraderie and philanthropy of Nepalese and non-Nepalese living around the world have surpassed all expectations. Prayers and well wishes kept us cheerful and full of hope in the time of sorrow and despair. The amount of help and support that we received made us believe that Humanity still exists.
Here in Rhode Island, kind hearts have trespassed boundaries of nations and offered their help in cash and kind. Nepalese Association of Rhode Island (NAofRI), with help from its members, volunteers and well wishers in and around RI, was able to collect a significant amount of contribution for victims of the quake. So far, NAoRI has already disbursed some collected funds to several volunteers working directly with victims of the earthquake.
You can visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/NAofRI for some pictures that have been uploaded from areas where contributions were made. We are still actively in the lookout for projects where we can contribute our efforts and money.

Details on Earthquake Relief Fund

Details can be reviewed at 234 Wickenden St Providence RI 02906. It will be uploaded soon

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